Frax3D - Nueva Generación de Impresoras 3D

Frax3D – Nueva Generación de Impresoras 3D

After lots of hard work, FraxDesign launches to the market the 3D printer Frax3D, with CoreXY system that allows us to work faster due to its low inertia and an structure made completely of stainless steel sheet metal, giving a professional finishgreater structural rigidity and compact design. This 3D printer can operate with a print speed of 80mm/s.

This is a completely OpenSource 3D printer ready to work with a wide range of materials thanks to its E3D extruder and the heated bed. It has a high precision spindle to print in high definition and the last features of the industry.

Some of the advantages of this 3D printer:

  • High printing speeds
  • Wide range of available materials thanks to their Full metal extruder E3D
  • Different possibilities of extrusion (direct or bowden) with one or two extruders
  • High definition printing (HD) with a calibrated spindle and special nut on the Z axis. Layers of 0.1mm or less
  • CoreXY System for lower inertia and higher print speeds and acceleration
  • Heated bed (MK2b 200x200mm) to print ABS, PLA, HIPS, Flexible, nylon …
  • Autonomous 3D printing thanks to LCD screen and button and SD card reader. No need to be connected to a PC
  • Easy operation
  • Simple, compact and elegant design
  • OpenSource technology

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This is the first design of 3D printer by FraxDesign. It is an OpenSource 3D printer with a system similar to the Prusa i3 and Mendel 90, but with an all-metal structure to increase rigidity and performance. Proof of this is that most Prusas i3 sold nowadays also have a metal structure.

It has LCD screen with a button and SD card reader to make it more autonomous and a structure on the top that can store plastic spools while we print in a compact and efficient way.

This model provides good print quality and great simplicity both for use as mounting. There is also lots of information on similar models on the internet to keep improving this project.


In addition, FraxDesign have many more projects in progress and still to be made. So do not hesitate to discover the innovations that are yet to come!!