Dron FraxFly

Dron Alum 2The Drones are an emerging technology with a great potential. This is why, FraxDesign is proud to present its first Drone model, the FraxFly.

This Drone uses OpenSource technology (like all our projects) and an aluminum chassis to guarantee good resistance with a reduced weight. The model used is a quadcopter type, so we have a good relation between stability and maneuverability.

We had already done some prototypes and modifications with commercial drones, but this is the first one manufactured by us. All of the electronics are standard and it can be replaced by similar products to convenience.

Chasis-dron-AlumThe first point in favor of the FraxFly is its 3mm thickness aluminum chassis. This material is commonly used in aeronautics because of its excellent relation between weight and resistance. The chassis will bear without problems forced landings in case of emergencies. The structure is similar to a racing drone.

The controller board is a MultiWii. This board is highly used on this type of airships, so there is a lot of online support and tutorials about it. Besides, one of its strong points is that it works with Arduino, so it is OpenSource and we can modify the software with total freedom. This board includes sensors such as: accelerometers, gyroscopes, barometer and magnetometer to control the flight.

In addition, we have installed a Radio Control receiver to pilot it with total autonomy. This Radio Control has extra controls to include flight modes like self-stabilizing so it can keep us in a constant altitude (you can configure this).

Dron Alum 3

Each one of the 4 engines can put up with a load of 280 grams. These engines carry an electronic speed control to move from DC to AC. It uses a lithium battery that allows it to have autonomy from 20 to 30 minutes. Besides that, it has a battery warning system to know at every moment the available charge.

Dron Alum 1

You can see the first flight tests and stability with the drone FraxFly. It has a very good control and it’s totally configurable and expandable.

Like all good OpenSource projects, you can also download the DXF file and the 3D model of the structure. Don’t forget to share with us your improvements 😉