Is the first 3D Printer design made by Frax Design. It’s an OpenSource 3D Printer with an operating system similar to the one of the Prusa i3 and the Mendel 90, but with a fully metallic structure to increase stiffness and performance. Proof of this, is that most Prusas i3 that are sold today also have a metallic structure. These designs were used, due to all of the information available about them on the internet. If you want to see the design and montage process of the Frax 1.0, you can see it here.

As you can see a LCD Screen has been included with button an SD card to make it more autonomous, and a structure on the upper part that allows storing coils for the plastic while we print in a compact and efficient way.

This model offers good quality printing. With it, we have introduced ourselves in the fascinating world of 3d printing. Its main advantage is its functioning simplicity and the vast information available on the internet with similar designs.

Some of the main issues are that the base is not attached to the structure, the alignment is not always perfect and, as the base moves, slender pieces turn out to be complicated to print because they fall.

Another drawback, although of minor matter, is that the X motor shaft it’s in a mobile part (so we are investing energy to move a relatively heavy piece).

Frax1.0 - real1 Frax1.0 - real2 Frax1.0 - real3

This model has never been commercialized. This is because the market is already saturated with similar printers and in this case, the fact that the chassis being metallic it meant a rise in costs making it complicated to compete in prices.

Download and visualize the Frax1.0 3D Printer from the webpage GrabCad