Frax3D v1.0

Frax3Dv1.0-real2Six months after the Frax3D Printer came out to the market. FraxDesign has developed an improved the prototype from the original design. The Frax3D v1.0

To achieve these improvements, we spoke with the users of the firsts Frax3D, to know how to make it better and what failures they found in them.

On this new 3D Printer, the sheet metal parts have been replaced, from stainless to painted steel. This improves the physical appearance and leaves less cutting edges (it’s one of the problems found in the previous model).  Besides that, we added hand holders on the sides, so it’s simpler and safer to move.

Frax3Dv1 24-04The position of some components has been slightly changed, so they can fit better and, in this way, optimize space and performance.

Most plastic parts have been upgraded and redesigned. Almost all of these changes can be applied to the original model of the Frax3D.

One of the plastic pieces that have been improved the most is the X carriage, which is now more robust and easier to mount and dismount.

The greatest and main advantage is the walls and methacrylate door system, which allows closing the 3D printer, on which we can print materials such as ABS with better results because it maintains the printing temperature constant.

Details were added to enhance its performance, like for example a fan layer. Besides, we also have the choice to add lights to our Frax3D Printer, to make the printing experience even better.

Frax3D-led1If you want to mount your own Frax3D v1.0 Printer you can follow the instructions of this mounting guide. At the moment there is only the mechanical part. We’re working on the rest of it, but you must take into account that electronically it is set as any other 3D printer (for example the Prusa).

We also have a section with all the files to download. Such as sheet metal parts, as well as printed ones or the methacrylate walls, the configuration of the Software and list of materials. Remember this is an OpenSource project. Don’t let anything stop you from having your own 😉

Images Frax3D v1.0